Cute Orange & Poppy Seed Cake

Woolworths is a supermarket chain in Australia. It is one of the largest Australian supermarket chains, and there are many outlets located in city centres and suburbs. There is a variety of things sold at Woolworths, apart from regular groceries. Woolworths has a wide range of baked goodies for all the meals of the day. The range of cakes are great for afternoon tea. One of the most delectable cakes is the Orange & Poppy Seed Cake for $3.50.


This cake is one of the cutest orange & poppy seed cakes that I’ve seen. It looked like it was made with care. The taste did not disappoint too. The orange flavour was neither too strong nor overpoweringly sweet. The cake was soft and moist, and the cream on top comprises of orange flavour and poppy seeds, thus continuing the flavour theme.


I recommend that you should taste this cake as it’s one of the most delicious cakes from Woolworths and it’s convenient to purchase as you can pick it up while shopping for groceries.


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