Peanut Butter and Oreo Milk Chocolate from Russia

To me, Russia represents snowy months, huge ranges of savory dumplings, world-class ballet, matryoshka nesting dolls, and St Petersburg’s gorgeous architecture. Now, I can add chocolates to the list. It’s time to say ‘hello’ (or as the Russians say, privet) to peanut butter and Oreo milk shokolad from Russia!

I was surprised to spot a small range of Russian-made chocolates during my customary browse at the chocolate aisle in my trip to the shops. My foodie excitement soared when I noticed the fabulous flavors that were available. One of these chocolates is a milk chocolate block filled with Oreos and a peanut butter cream. Peanut butter is a long-standing pal to chocolate, and this duo is a cherished combo in this realm. Peanut butter and Oreo are good friends too, and some Oreo flavors feature peanut butter as well.

Peanut butter-filled chocolates and peanut butter Oreos aren’t strangers to my snack stash, but the Russian chocolate realm is a whole new world that I had never explored before, therefore, my curiosity instantly awoke my sleuthing senses!

Geared with my metaphoric magnifying glass, I was eager to answer two questions. Firstly, is peanut butter available in Russia? And, the highly-anticipated part for sweet tooths: what does this chocolate taste like? Let’s find out!

Peanut Butter & A Bit About Breakfast in Russia

Based on my sleuthing, peanut butter does exist in Russia, but it isn’t widely consumed in comparison to other peanut butter-loving nations. It used to be a rare sight in the supermarkets and shops for a very long time, but its presence arrived more recently. However, it turns out that peanut butter’s dear friend, jam (yes, peanut butter does have a nice circle of delicious friends!) is a common sight. Russia’s breakfast sphere is pretty wide, but from a sweet breakfast spreads view, Russians tend to enjoy their jams and fruit preserves. One of the fascinating ways the jams are featured is alongside a dollop of sour cream on brekkie picks such as traditional crepe-like pancakes named blinis and fluffy cheese pancakes called syrniki.

Unveiling the Chocolate!

Alpen Gold is a contemporary addition to Russia’s collection of chocolates, and it is available in supermarkets there. The chocolates are available in Ukraine and Poland too. The peanut butter and Oreo chocolate is part of their Oreo-filled chocolate range.

Before diving into the taste test, I highly recommend refrigerating the chocolate if you are in a location with a warm/tropical climate because it melts quickly. I reckon this is because the chocolate has been created to specifically suit a colder climate.

Peanut butter’s blissful aroma graced the atmosphere with its nutty presence as soon as I unwrapped the chocolate block. To me, its scent has a ‘comfort food’ vibe that brings warmth to anyone who loves peanut butter, which is similar to the feeling of wearing your favorite jumper and lighting your favorite scented candle on a cold day.

The entire block comprises of 15 chocolate pieces and four designs. Alpen Gold’s logo borders the chocolate block, and something in Russian is featured front and center. Looking at the piece with a cute smiley face on top, I could imagine that it’s the expression that any chocoholic would have when they see their beloved chocolates. The sun that seems to radiate island vibes is my favorite, perhaps because I’m in the tropics!

Taste Test!

The individual chocolate pieces are relatively wide, and they are not super chunky. Instead, they are light with a lovely touch of decadence. The trio of elements – peanut butter, Oreo cookies and milk chocolate – are delicious together. Peanut butter and Oreos are in the spotlight, with their roles taking center-stage to deliver a flavorful experience. Milk chocolate is prominent too, and it is the perfect chocolate to present the two headliners.

A smooth peanut butter cream sits inside the chocolate blocks, and it shines with its peanut butter-y deliciousness. The cream is firm when it’s refrigerated, and it becomes creamier when it’s left outside. Taste-wise, the flavor leans towards American-style peanut butter, but slightly milder. To my palate, it isn’t as intense as some peanut butter confections from America, nor is it unsweetened like peanut butters from Australia and New Zealand. Its taste is balanced pleasantly.

The milk chocolate itself seems to match the flavor notes of European milk chocolates. Fans of Milka’s milk chocolate and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk would adore this chocolate as it feels right at home to our taste buds. To me, this makes the experience a lot more unique, as many peanut butter-filled chocolates at the shops tend to feature American-style chocolate coats rather than European-style chocolates. This chocolate block certainly celebrates the best of both worlds!

The chocolate is smooth, and it has a nice snap when it is refrigerated. When it is left in a ‘controlled’ room temperature (when the air-con is on and it isn’t too warm), the milk chocolate is creamy yet firm. The mix of cocoa and milky flavors are simply delightful.

I love the Oreo bits to, well, bits. Being on team ‘crunchy’ when it comes to peanut butter spreads, I felt that the Oreos filled a crunchy void in the peanut butter department. The Oreo cookies taste identical to the ones that are available in Asia and Australia. It complements the peanut butter cream in a good old, cookies & cream chocolate bar fashion. It also reminds me of peanut butter Oreo cookies, but in the form of a creamy chocolate confection rather than a firm layer of cream in-between two cookie pieces.

All in all, I absolutely enjoyed my first taste of Russian chocolate. I’ll gladly grab another block of this peanut butter and Oreo chocolate again!

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