Joe & Dough – a Singaporean Café Culture Experience

It seems that Singapore is embracing the ‘coffee culture’ and ‘café hopping’ as cafés seem to be available everywhere, especially Joe & Dough. It was when I began noticing it around the city, I realized that it’s a café chain that looks relatively new. After some sleuthing, I discovered that Joe & Dough is a café chain, and it’s a home-grown Singaporean chain too! Apparently they’ve been around for 10 years but they’re way more prominent now. It isn’t surprising, as baking is booming in this island-state.

This is one of the places that’s entered my café-hopping radar and I finally visited it for the very first time at Northpoint City out of curiosity, but mostly to satisfy a craving for a slice of decadent cake.

Following its witty namesake, this café does indeed specialize in coffee, and they have a selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and more.

The walnut and banana muffin was soft and melted in my mouth. It reminds me of a soft banana bread, with crunchy walnuts on top. It’s a classic yet perfect muffin. It looks absolutely delicious from just looking the display, along with the other muffins and desserts. It could also be a good breakfast choice if you’re craving for something sweet. It’s like comfort food to me!

My mind was set on trying a slice of cheesecake, and Joe & Dough offers 2 different cheesecakes – the baked cheesecake and the New York cheesecake. I decided to opt for the New York cheesecake – and I was happy with my choice indeed, although both of them look SO good!

The cheesecake has a thin layer of biscuits as its base, and the part that puts the ‘cheese’ in ‘cheesecake’ was ultimately the star. It’s soft and creamy, yet somehow dense all at the same time.

Joe & Dough has a nice atmosphere to meet friends over a cup of coffee and a bite of their muffins or cakes. This café’s Scandinavian-style design and open concept floorplan makes it feel relaxing. It’s also just as enjoyable and pleasant as the food and friendly staff.


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