Spring Flower Show at Brisbane Arcade

As the Northern Hemisphere is heading into autumn/fall, I thought of giving a little Southern Hemisphere touch to the blog by sharing a bit of spring in September!

Spring has officially sprung in Australia, with 1st September being the very first day of the season. It’s finally time to put those boots and knitted jumpers away and bring out colourful patterns! Flowers are blooming, and everyone’s bidding winter adieu. With the cold front moving away and sunshine appearing, the time has come to enjoy the great outdoors.


While Melbourne and Sydney are considered as art powerhouses in Australia, Brisbane is no stranger to the worlds of fashion and horticulture. In fact, the love for these worlds are shared in the city. A spring-themed fashion show in the heart of the city’s major shopping district is certainly unique. Bringing a runway to the street isn’t something you’d see every day.

I was scrolling through social media and was reminded of the annual Spring Flower Show at Brisbane Arcade, a little shopping area within Queen Street Mall. While I’m not there for their 6th season this year, I had the opportunity of admiring the gorgeous floral displays in-person last year at their 5th season. It turns out that some of this year’s plant sculptures are identical to last year’s, and I captured some of them and the runway on camera!


Although I missed the fashion show (which was held at night, under the stars and pretty string lights), I had a glimpse of the setting at daytime. With colourful rows of chairs and the faux grass runway, this fashion show had a pretty setting. The buntings and balloons added a fun garden tea party vibe, which was a lovely touch to the lively mall. The runway went through the Arcade and right into the Mall, and I thought it was pretty cool.


I was astounded by how Brisbane Arcade was decked out in full spring mode. From carousel horses that looked like they were about to gallop into the mall and onto the runway, to bicycles suspended from the ceiling (which reminded me of E.T.), it was a feast for the eyes and joyful for the soul.


A display along the shops featured a tall, pink 3-layered cake sitting on top. It looked fitting for the Mad Hatter to host a tea party! As someone who believes that cake sparks joy, I was enjoying the delish concept.


I walked through Brisbane Arcade many times before, but the whimsical-themed décor was too pretty to just walk by without stopping and noticing. Everyone, including me, took their time to admire the area. If you love gardening and being surrounded by plants and flowers, you’ll enjoy these creative touches. Regardless of whether people consider spring as their favourite season or otherwise, everyone was in for a treat!

Brisbane Arcade isn’t just any ordinary shopping arcade – it’s an elegant, heritage-listed building. Built in the 1920s, it is part of Brisbane’s central shopping area. Home to fashion labels and designers, it’s part of Brisbane’s couture capital which is on that same stretch of shops along Queen Street Mall. Walking through the building and marvelling at its architecture are must-dos when you’re in Brisbane. And if it’s the beginning of spring, you’ve got to see the plant sculptures and fashion show!


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