Chocolate-Covered ‘Chips’ From Germany

Before bidding adieu to August, we’re embarking on a special chocolatey trail that arrived a few short weeks ago.

July is one of my favorite months, because it is my birthday month. One of the perfect gifts for a chocolate fan is, well, chocolate! I was pleasantly surprised to unwrap a German treat named ‘Choclait Chips’ as one of my gifts from my family. Just like many treats in my snack stash, this pressie is more than a box of delicious chocolates… it is another foodie adventure! Also, I was thrilled to add Choclait Chips to my taste buds’ German chocolate-tasting repertoire. Having yet to spot this confection at the shops myself, my curiosity was piqued.

Reading the words ‘Nestle’, ‘choc’ and ‘chips’ together, an iconic scene from the TV show ‘Friends’ came to mind – when Monica was attempting to recreate Phoebe’s late grandmother’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe that was passed down to her from her French grandmother (Phoebe’s great-great-grandmother) named “Nestle Toulouse”. Hence, my guess was that this snack might be related to actual chocolate chips!

Flipping to the back of the box, my clue to what this snack is had appeared. ‘Corn Semolina’ is listed as an ingredient! Based on this revelation, my chocolate chip guess was eliminated. Perhaps the ‘chips’ part is a sweet nod to savory Cheetos-like munchies that tend to sit at the chips/crisps aisle. As a fan of corn snacks in general, this had me wondering: what are some popular corn-based snacks in Germany?

German Corn Snacks

Corn snacks are indeed present in the German snacks scene. My sleuthing boots instantly guided me to one of the corn snack realm’s most prominent members: popcorn. In Germany, sweet popcorn is generally a crowd favorite. Instead of salt and/or butter, German-style popcorn comprises of sugar that is mixed into the popcorn. It is a staple at cinemas, alongside its savory counterparts for those who aren’t in the sweet tooth squad. Another notable pick, which leans towards the savory section, is peanut puffs. Peanut puffs are essentially corn-based puffs that comprise of ground peanuts and salt.

Of course, my search led to Choclait Chips, which happens to be a widely-enjoyed sweet snack in Germany. As its name suggests, this munchie features chocolate as the headlining taste. The part that makes it stand out is the coat on each ‘chip’, with the original version being a dark chocolate drizzle on a milk chocolate base (which is the star of this post). Going beyond the traditional chocolate-on-chocolate route, a diverse range of flavors have entered this sphere. Some special flavors that have made appearances include speculoos, stracciatella (a type of gelato), caramel, strawberry, raspberry, and yogurt. Thinking about all of these delightful flavors made me want to unbox this treat right away!

Unboxing Time!

Choclait Chip’s box is one of the cutest packages that I’ve had the pleasure of unboxing. The box’s hexagonal shape means that each side functions as a ‘panel’, with two of them being the front of the box. The creativity doesn’t pause there, as it flows to the lid on top of the box. This fun lid possesses a flower-like design with little tabs that remind me of petals.

Flower power came into full effect when I lifted one of the ‘petals’ gently. These tabs bloomed into a ‘flower’ at the midway point of opening the box! Much to my joy, I discovered that the box’s magic can be re-lived because closing the box is just as simple… all it takes is a little push on the tabs. The fully-bloomed ‘flower’ unveiled a bag of treats that I couldn’t wait to taste!

Hello, Choclait Chips

Looking at the chips for the first time, they match the images on the box. Each piece is shaped in a flat and wavy shape that somehow reminds me of ribbons. They are reasonably thick as well. The stripes, which quite literally pop out, is a cool accent to the overall design.

Tasting my very first chip, the flavor that appeared reminded me of chocolate cereal. Chewing thoughtfully, I realized that the confection is a three-way collaboration in the flavor department: corn snacks meets cereal meets chocolate. It matches its name too, as the thick chocolate coat and delicious corn-based filling put the ‘Choclait’ and ‘Chips’ in ‘Choclait Chips’ respectively.

The inside comprises of a chocolate-flavored filling, which almost tastes like chocolate breakfast cereal (to me at least). This element’s taste and texture comes alive through the inclusion of corn semolina, which is corn that is coarsely milled. Corn semolina is used in some recipes to make polenta, cookies and cakes, hence, it is a true treat to experience corn semolina’s effects in this unique snackable creation.

Corn’s mild flavor, which blends nicely with chocolate’s boldness, reminds me of corn puff snacks. On the crunch scale, it fits closer to the puff cereals category. The chips have a pleasant crunch, which is neither too crunchy nor too airy. Impressively, this factor isn’t compromised by the chocolate coat. In fact, the two contrasting textures go hand-in-hand.

Every chip is entirely coated in milk chocolate, with a drizzle of thick dark chocolate. This decadent combination elevates the chips into a sweet confection rather than being a regular corn snack. The ratio between both chocolates is perfect too. Even though dark chocolate is known for its stronger taste, its bitter-ish cocoa tone shines without overshadowing the milk chocolate’s sweetness.

Even though the flavors are relatively simple, the Choclait Chips are absolutely delicious as a snack for anyone who is fond of chocolates. I would love to grab a second box if and when I spot them at the shops!


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