Mojito-Inspired After Eight With Lime, Mint and Dark Chocolate

Happy March, dear friends! Spring is upon the island! Warmer days are making their awaited entrance, despite some afternoon showers. Thinking of the blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies outside, I returned to my snack stash to grab a treat that I had been ‘saving’ for a few months to enjoy in spring.

The limited edition mojito-inspired After Eight chocolates (which are made in Germany) made an appearance during the holiday season last year, along with the special orange-flavored version.

Throwback to November 2021!

Orange and chocolate is a perfect combo in many chocoholics’ eyes (including mine), but lime – a starring ingredient in mojitos – and chocolate is certainly an unconventional chocolate-fruit pair. Would it be a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’? I had to seek the answer!

While the mojito idea does fit into the concept of a tropical Christmas through its flavor notes, I had a feeling that I would enjoy it more in a warmer setting. Plus, with a relatively sizeable line up of Christmas desserts at that time, I decided to save this box for another special day that calls for a fun chocolate pick. Well, that day had finally arrived.

Before diving into the chocolate realm, I’d like to add that my experience is purely through the eyes of a chocoholic rather than a cocktail connoisseur’s point-of-view. Now, let’s take a peek at After Eights and mojitos!

After Eight

After Eight is a classic in the chocolate realm. Hailing from the UK, these thin chocolate pieces ooze sophistication from its packaging and simple yet delicious flavor. Beneath the dark chocolate coat in each piece sits a glossy mint fondant.

The chocolate brand isn’t a stranger to re-inventing their flavors, which tend to be paired with their iconic mint fondant. Gin and tonic and mojito are the cocktail-inspired ones that have hit the chocolate shelves based on my sleuthing. Others such as mint orange, mint strawberry, mint marzipan and mint mango-pineapple have been created too, with some being available currently.

Hola, Mojito

Mojito is a summery cocktail with Cuban roots. The ingredients to create this drink are pretty standard across the recipe board: lime juice, mint leaves, sugar, soda water/club soda, ice and white rum (omit the rum to make it a mocktail). Thinking of the refreshing taste that a mojito has, I could picture a blissful vacation of strolling along Latin American streets that are lined with brightly-colored buildings, and rays of sunshine and blue skies. And of course, visiting the breath-taking beaches would be integral in the vacay.

Being in the tropics here in the Lion City, I was ready to unbox this treat for those tropical flavors!

The Unboxing

The box, which is one of my favorite parts of this chocolate experience, is cool (pun intended). Its lime green color scheme and mojito-themed design of mint, lime wedges and ice bring refreshing vibes.

Admiring a piece of chocolate sans the box, I realized that this mojito rendition interestingly doesn’t tick the ‘look’ and ‘swim’ criteria from a lime perspective of the saying “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck”. This is because it is identical to the original After Eight that everyone is familiar with: from the little individual packages, to the confection’s design and color.

Its scent mostly reminds me of the normal After Eights, as dark chocolate’s aroma is bolder to my milk chocolate-loving nose. The key difference between the lime and non-lime versions is actually in the unseen (or the ‘quack’ part). My excitement to taste it had definitely increased!

Taste Test

While the lime’s flavor was expected in my foodie mind, its presence was initially a slight surprise to my taste buds as lime in a chocolate confection isn’t something that’s seen every day (or at all) in my snack stash. When I sank my teeth into my second piece shortly after that, my palate became accustomed to lime’s presence and registered the flavor into my foodie memory bank.

Thereafter, the lime felt like a pal to the original After Eight. My taste buds were prepared to experience its flavor in my subsequent chocolate-munching sessions.

The lime’s taste is in the mint fondant, which also looks exactly the same as the original After Eight’s fondant. Lime’s zesty soul and mint’s minty touch somehow work together cohesively in the fondant – especially when my taste buds became better-acquainted with the lime. Also, the sweetness level is pleasant. Dark chocolate complements the unique fondant, as the rich cocoa note balances and refines the quirky lime-mint taste.

I didn’t detect anything fizzy and rum-like in the chocolate and fondant. This is a plus in my book, as the key flavors that are expected from a mojito (i.e. lime and mint) are present and it isn’t overly complicated for chocoholics’ palates.

According to the box, it is recommend to enjoy the chocolates when they are chilled. Having taste-tasted both the refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions in the name of science, my personal favorite is the cold ones as it adds to the theme of having a refreshing drink, but in the form of chocolate.

All in all, I enjoyed tasting this chocolate. I award it a ‘yay’ for the fun adventure of experiencing lime, mint and dark chocolate together.


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