More Pretty Desserts at Passion Tree

I was inspired to visit Passion Tree again to taste more interesting desserts (click here to read my first Passion Tree post!). My mission for this visit was to taste their matcha mochi pancake stack, which is one of the most eye-catching desserts in the café. The display of the stack of pancakes with a scoop of ice cream and an ice cream cone on top is unmissable.

Pancake Stack.png

Matcha is a famous flavour from Japan, and it’s increasingly loved around the world. Matcha is powdered green tea, but it does not have the typical hot green tea flavour from tea leaves. Instead, it has a sweeter flavour that greatly matches the confectionary and dessert categories.

The matcha mochi pancake stack is every matcha-lovers’ dream. There is a subtle matcha flavour in the ice cream, and it is delicious with the pancakes and on its own.


The pancake stack consisted of three Japanese-style pancakes that just melts in your mouth, and they should be dipped in the matcha sauce to really get the matcha flavour. There was a spread of red bean between the middle and bottom pancake layers which reduced the matcha flavour a little bit, and it was a great combination. Red bean is also a common ingredient used in Asian desserts.


The green sauce at the bottom has a stronger matcha flavour, and there are small white and yellow crispy chocolate balls that look like polka dots in a green backdrop.


The mochi “cubes” around the dessert was soft and chewy, since they’re made from sweet rice. Dipping mochi in the sauce elevated its flavour and sweetness.


Apart from the pancake stack, another dessert that looked really delicious was a chocolate cake. The rich chocolate stands out in the cake, and each layer has an element of chocolate in them. The two meringues on top are not chocolate-flavoured, and they complimented the chocolate.





Location: 108 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

There is a Passion Tree outlet in Sydney too, at Chatswood Interchange




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