December Holidays: Sweet Christmas

It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the December holidays in Singapore, which is decked up for Christmas. Causeway Point, a shopping centre in the northern region, has a special theme for Christmas that I’ve yet to see in Singapore.

The mall has come alive with gingerbread men and a whole lot of sweets including cupcakes, doughnuts and chocolate coated strawberries. The entrance opposite the Woodlands Civic Centre has two gigantic high tea stands with teacups on top, and the desserts on the plates are a sweet tooth paradise with ice cream, doughnut, cupcakes, chocolates and more. One of these sculptures has a gingerbread man sitting on one of the plates, and another one with a chef’s hat at the top with the teacup. Just looking at these decorations is a feast for the eyes!



The sea of fairy lights dangling from the ceiling is pretty and it looks like little specks of sparkles from fireworks which adds to the festive mood.


The “sweet Christmas” theme (my nickname for their lovely Christmas décor) continues in the concourse where the other gingerbread men are stationed at Santa’s kitchen, busily preparing more glorious desserts to shower the mall with ginormous sweets for one and all to enjoy.

There is a big brown gingerbread man decorating an amazing Christmas tree on top of the roof with lots of sweet delights. Really a creative way of welcoming Christmas shoppers.





I enjoyed admiring the Christmas décor at Causeway Point. Not only did it make me crave for sweets, but it is also a great place for photo opportunities. I can’t wait to revisit the mall before heading back to Brisbane!



Causeway Point: 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099

Nearest Train (MRT) Station: Woodlands

The MRT station is just opposite Causeway Point.



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