Tasting Marks & Spencer Treats

The Marks & Spencer food hall is a wonderful place to find snacks and frozen food from Europe, particularly food from the UK. The food hall is spacious and the arrangement of the food items are delightful to look at and explore.

There is a large variety of food including pasta, biscuits, cheese, wine and many more delightful food, that are really different from those sold at other shops in Singapore. The assortment of flavours and snacks are amazing and it’s a great place to buy European food.

Treat #1: Jaffa Cakes

Price – SGD 3.90

Jaffa 1.png

Jaffa 4.png

Jaffa cakes is a quintessential English sweet snack. It’s name is derived from jaffa oranges.

Jaffa 2.pngJaffa 3.pngJaffa 5.png

This soft sponge cake, which is bite-sized has three layers: dark chocolate on top, orange in the middle and a cake-like base. The jaffa cakes have a strong likeable orange flavor, and it reminds me of sweet orange jam. The dark chocolate is paired well with the orange, really lovely with a cup of tea. These jaffa cakes can be enjoyed by everyone, including  vegetarians.


Treat #2: Swiss Milk Chocolate

Price – SGD 1.90

Swiss 1.pngSwiss 2.png

This milk chocolate bar is made in Switzerland, and the chocolate blocks have a nice seashell-like design. This smooth milk chocolate is delicious.


These treats are so delightful and they’re different from other regular treats in Australia and Singapore. It’s always fun to taste food from other countries and regions especially because it’s interesting to learn about flavours that are enjoyed in different places. Overall, I really loved these European treats.


These are some pictures of the Marks & Spencer Food Hall and café.

MS 1.pngMS 2.pngMS 3.pngMS 4.png



I visited Marks & Spencer at Wheelock Place in Singapore.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #01-01 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880

🚉 Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

Identifying the Place: Wheelock Place has an iconic cone-shaped glass feature


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