Breakfast at The Coffee Bean

A great breakfast spot to satisfy your mandatory morning coffee quota and keep you going throughout the day is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (also known as “Coffee Bean”). Coffee Bean is a chain of coffee shops that is similar to Starbucks. It is a pleasant place to have a bite and relax. Coffee Bean is unavailable in Australia, therefore I took the opportunity to visit them at Changi Airport Terminal 1.


There is a variety of “quick” food (i.e. short waiting time) to choose from if you’re feeling peckish, with a variety of sandwiches, muffins and puffs.


I enjoyed the chicken and mayo sandwich, which was a chicken salad-like filling between the buns. Although it’s a sandwich, it was filling for breakfast early in the morning and wasn’t heavy, which is ideal when travelling. The simple flavours are pleasant too.


If you’re not in the mood for chicken, the tuna and mayo sandwich is available too.


This Coffee Bean outlet is easy to spot as it’s near to the Social Tree and piano. You can also do plane-spotting from Coffee Bean, as there are large glass panels where you can see planes waiting at the gates. You’ll also see planes taking off and landing. It’s a great spot to watch the sunrise and sunset, and admire the lights that illuminate the planes and gates when it’s dark outside.




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