Pokémon and Jetsetting

Arriving early at Changi Airport’s transit halls is always recommended, as there are many interesting areas to explore. Since it was early in the morning, around 5 a.m. to be precise, there were less travelers around. It’s great to explore the airport in the early hours of the morning  as this is a busy airport, especially during December. There are many beautiful areas that have been created for travellers, which makes this airport different from the others I fly from. This is an airport where you will see travellers taking pictures. Being early meant that there was more time to snap pictures without being photobombed, not to mention that the wait to take pictures at the Christmas area was short!

This year’s Christmas decorations in the airport is not the usual traditional decorations. I  was first surprised to see Poke balls staring back at me. The snowman and gingerbread man were missing. Instead there were cute creatures and the more I looked at the decorations, I started to like them.

Changi’s Christmas theme for this year is Pokémon, much to the delight of Pokémon fans and Pokémon Go players. I had the opportunity to take pictures of the Pokémon Christmas craze at Terminal 1’s transit hall. Opposite the immigration area is a huge happy Santa Pikachu which is the focal point for pictures. A Christmas tree donned with Pokémon plush ornaments stands tall behind Pikachu. There is also an interactive zone opposite the Pikachu.


A more traditional Christmas tree is located near the Pokémon area.



Besides all the Pokémon, Changi Airport is a lovely destination in its own right. This, with no doubt, includes Terminal 1. One of its unique aspects is its indoor nature theme, with permanent fixtures including cabbages, orchids and other plants, and a water feature.



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