Festive Fireworks at South Bank

Christmas in Brisbane is always amazing. It’s a summer Christmas in Brisbane. The city comes alive during the season with many free fun events for the whole family to enjoy the Christmas season outdoors. From the CBD to South Bank, there were many amazing activities and places to visit on my Christmas itinerary.

One of the most amazing features of Brisbane’s Christmas celebrations is the South Bank fireworks. There were spectacular daily Christmas fireworks for a short period leading to the day before Christmas eve. Many Brisbanites flocked to the Brisbane River to watch the city light up. Many spectators arrived early to wander around the Christmas market and secure optimal viewing spots. Families and groups of friends eagerly waited for the amazing fireworks before the sun had set. The fireworks along the river with tall buildings as the background was a beautiful sight.

A playlist of accompanying Christmas carols and songs from 96.5 FM’s simulcast was synchronized with the fireworks as soon as the show began. The songs and fireworks display had set the mood for Christmas even though it was the same throughout the period. The fireworks brought the magical feel of Christmas in summer.

I had the opportunity to experience the fireworks thrice from different areas along the Brisbane River. Regardless of the locations that I was at, the fireworks were amazing from every angle. A summer Christmas and the amazing fireworks makes Brisbane an awesome place to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.






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