Convenient Supermarket Food in Australia

I was viewing content online about amazing food from Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets, and this made me ponder about the readily available food from the supermarkets in Australia. Australian supermarkets have some amazing convenient food, which come as cold or hot. There are sandwiches, salads, pasta, bread, buns, roasted chicken, pies, cakes, sushi, cut fruits and many more. These convenient food makes it easy to have a picnic in the city or even a party without having to spend time preparing the food.

Convenient food is available at both of the two large supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, and I thought that “supermarket food” in Australia would be an interesting post.

It’s very convenient to purchase different types of ready-made food in Brisbane’s CBD as Coles Express, the regular Coles and Woolworths are located at the Myer Centre, David Jones and MacArthur Central respectively. Both Coles are within Queen St Mall, while Woolworths is just across the road. This is ideal for Brisbanites who work and study in the city as lunch, dinner and desserts are available as takeaway. Visitors to Brisbane, especially those who are on a budget, will find that it’s cheaper.

Fried Vegetable Dumplings – Woolworths ($7)

The dumplings are prepared by the Japanese section of the supermarket named Sushi Izu, where there is a selection of sushi. Boxes of these dumplings and other Sushi Izu food are placed on special hot metal shelves, where the boxes of fried chicken are located. The dumplings are crispy and delicious. They are great appetisers and add some variety to the meat selections.



Chinese-Style Chicken Wings – Woolworths ($5)

This chicken has a distinct taste that is unique to the conventional fried chicken due to the different spices included in the ingredients. I enjoy this fried chicken as it’s unique from others. Its small packaging can be deceiving as there are 5 pieces of chicken inside each box. This is certainly a good portion of meat!



Buffalo Wings – Woolworths ($5)

This chicken is spicy, hence its “buffalo” name. It tastes like regular buffalo wings, however, the difference is that  the chicken is fried. The packaging is identical to the Chinese-style chicken’s, therefore, you need to look out carefully to distinguish between the two. There are 5 pieces of chicken in each box too.

Buffalo Wings.png


Chocolate Mud Cake – Coles ($4.50)

This cake has divine written all over it. Just looking at it on the shelf is such a delight, especially because I love chocolate. There is a layer of chocolate sauce on top, and a rich, dense and moist chocolate cake. This cake is amazing for celebrations, and I can imagine it being a dessert for a New Years Eve party!


If you’re seeking for a variety of food to taste in Australia, you could check out the food available at your closest supermarket.


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