SYDNEY: Paddy’s Market & Market City in Haymarket

The famous Paddy’s Market in Haymarket is located in a building named Market City. Paddy’s Market is where many different things are sold under one roof. Vegetables, wigs in an assortment of colours, souvenirs, spices, jewellery, decorative items, bags and more are available at this large market. Shopping at this Paddy’s Market – there’s another one at Parramatta Road in Homebush, near to the Olympic Park – is convenient, as there is a Paddy’s Market light rail station just outside the Market City building. It is within walking distance from Central Station too, if you’re travelling by train.


Paddy’s Market is one of the best places to purchase unique souvenirs, such as 3-D/pop-up magnets of Sydney. Some souvenirs are cheaper too. Do look around as there are many souvenir stalls in that area.



After exploring Paddy’s Market, a visit to the Market City area upstairs completes the experience. In fact, the other floors in Market City are quite different as visitors are brought into a totally different retail experience: a mall. The rest of Market City comprises of this shopping mall. It a vast contrast, considering that the busy and buzzing Paddy’s Market that’s selling a hodgepodge of items is just down the escalator.

The first floor has food stalls and places to dine. It was not as crowded as the market, however, there were many people who were looking for places to sit and enjoy their late lunches and tea.

The food court at the third floor was also busy, but not quite as much as the floors below as lunchtime was over. A juice cart is the first sight upon entering the food court. There are different types of Asian cuisines available: Thai, Vietnamese, Northern Indian, Chinese, Japanese and more. The food court feels like a foodie trail around Asia, with many tempting dishes to taste.


If you’re in the Chinatown area, Paddy’s Market and Market City are definitely worth visiting to shop and dine.

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