McDonald’s Breakfast in Malaysia

One of the most enjoyable things to do when travelling is tasting the local food. It’s also fun to visit famous fast food chains in another country to taste items on the menu to determine whether they’re similar to the ones at home or somewhere else. That’s precisely what I did in my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I visited the McDonald’s outlet at klia2 for breakfast.

The McDonald’s outlet at klia2 is large, which makes it easy to maneuver with luggage. Also, it is easy to find a spot to sit and enjoy a McDonald’s meal while passing time before clearing immigration. The McDonald’s and McCafe are separate at the airport, however, they’re just side by side with a walk path in-between.


One of the main differences between this McDonald’s and the ones in Australia is that there aren’t any automated order kiosks, therefore, you need to queue. Also, there isn’t an order collection number sequence so you need to wait behind the person who placed their order ahead of you. It is best to find out from the customer ahead if you are in the right queue, as there are two queues.

Another difference between the Malaysian McDonald’s and McDonald’s in Australia is that there is no all-day breakfast, and breakfast ends at 11 a.m.

I chose the Sausage McMuffin set for my breakfast, which comprised of a Sausage McMuffin burger, a hashbrown and a drink. This set costs RM9.75.

The burger buns are toasted English muffins with butter or margarine spread on them. The patty is a chicken sausage patty. A slice of gooey, melted yellow American cheese coats one side of the patty. This is a delicious combination for breakfast.


The hashbrown seems to be the regular type of hashbrown that’s available internationally. The golden hashbrown is hot and crispy. Chili and tomato sauces are available in McDonald’s, which goes well with the burger and hash brown.


I chose iced lemon tea for my drink. Iced lemon tea is a very popular drink in Malaysia, and it’s my go-to drink whenever I’m in the region. Iced lemon tea is very refreshing in a tropical climate. Although it’s not a carbonated drink, iced lemon tea is a sweet drink. I highly recommend the iced lemon tea. McDonalds’ iced lemon tea complements the burger well. Unlike Coke and the other carbonated drinks, you need to pay an additional RM0.85 for the iced lemon tea at McDonald’s. It is worth to pay extra, as it is a different international McDonald’s experience.


My breakfast was delicious and the portion was satisfying. I enjoyed my experience at the Malaysian McDonald’s.


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