Vegan Cheesecakes in Brisbane

Vege Rama is one of Brisbane’s vegan and plant-based restaurants that has a variety of dishes to choose from, from Indian curries to enchiladas. They have a stall at The Myer Centre’s food court in Queen Street Mall.

One of most mouth-watering desserts at Vege Rama is the chocolate cheesecake. The slices of chocolate cheesecake in the glass display grabbed my attention simply by its inviting look.


This cheesecake is made from soy-based and other plant-based ingredients. The cheesecake has a delectable chocolate taste. Its smooth texture and taste reminds me of chocolate mousse. The base is unique as it’s not the usual graham crackers. Instead, the base includes desiccated coconut which is a nice and refreshing touch to the chocolate. I loved the combination of chocolate and coconut in every bite.


Another dessert that looks interesting to taste is the pumpkin cheesecake. This cheesecake is also made from plant-based ingredients. Unlike the chocolate cheesecake, the pumpkin cheesecake has a grainy texture with a strong pumpkin taste and mild spices. The base is identical to the chocolate cheesecake’s. You’ll like this dessert if you’re a fan of pumpkin tart.


Overall, vegan cheesecakes are different from the usual cheesecakes that I enjoy. I am definitely including the vegan cheesecakes as part of my favourite cheesecakes. These delicious cheesecakes cost $7 per slice and it’s definitely worth it.


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