Hungry Jack’s Snack Box

Hungry Jack’s is an Australian fast food chain, which sells burgers, drinks, french fries, ice-creams and many more. There is always a crowd and during breakfast, lunch and dinner, the place becomes way more crowded. One of Hungry Jack’s 24-hour outlet is located in Queen Street Mall. It is a great place to meet family and friends over a meal. It’s easy to spot this outlet as the red colour stands out. In fact, you’ll see people waiting outside the fast food restaurant or waiting under the Hungry Jacks sign as it’s a landmark as a meeting point for friends and family who meet at Queen Street Mall.


Hungry Jack’s snack box is a box of 6 nuggets and French fries. This is suitable for one person and perfect for tea or as a snack. The golden french fries are placed on top of the chicken nuggets, which keeps the fries crunchy. The chicken nuggets and french fries taste really good.


$3.95 is a pretty good deal as it includes 2 fast food snacks (fries and nuggets are my go-to fast food snacks!) rather than only one.


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