Doughnut Haul

Walking past the baked good aisle at the supermarket always results in a temptation to buy some desserts, especially when your eyes are fixated at the delectable-looking doughnuts, cookies and cakes on the shelves. Since doughnuts are one of the desserts that I tend to purchase from the supermarket from time to time, I thought that it would be fun to pen some descriptions of the different types of doughnuts from my local Coles supermarket.

Sugar Doughnuts:

Not like the other doughnuts that I usually eat, as these are quite denser than typical doughnuts. There’re some ingredients that taste like spices, but not very much like cinnamon. Cinnamon doughnuts are available too.



Chocolate Doughnuts:

Chocolatey and sugary glaze coat the surface of the doughnuts. There’s a taste of chocolate in every mouthful. The doughnuts are dense, but not as much as the sugar doughnuts. There isn’t any taste of spices though, unlike the sugar doughnuts. The chocolate doughnuts are my favourite from the supermarket.



Assorted Doughnuts:

Each doughnut has colourful sprinkles on them, thus being the best-looking pack of doughnuts in my opinion. The pink glaze has a more berry flavour, the yellow glaze has a hint of tropical flavour, and the chocolate glaze is just like the one from the chocolate doughnuts pack.



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