Sushi Lunch in Brisbane City

I absolutely enjoy sushi. It’s one of my most favourite takeaway food. What I especially love about sushi is that not only is it tasty but it’s also refreshing and filling.


There’re plenty of sushi shops around Brisbane, and one of them is Top Sushi in the city. Top Sushi has a wide selection of sushi to choose from, which results in taking time to decide which sushi to select. All of them look so delicious and it’s hard to choose, particularly if it’s your first time visiting the shop. My go-to sushi is the California roll as a variety of ingredients are all rolled up into one sushi roll. Sushi rice, seaweed, crab stick, avocado, cucumber and fish roe is a delicious combination.


Another delicious sushi is the inari. I love the fried tofu, which is so delicious that I can eat it by itself. Unlike the sushi with seaweed, an inari is commonly described as a fried tofu “pocket” stuffed with sushi rice. I had the crab inari, which had some toppings that included shredded crab sticks and fish roe. A bit of wasabi gives a kick to the inari.

Both the California roll and crab inari are under $3 each.

If you’re in Brisbane, you should visit Top Sushi for your sushi fix.



Top Sushi

245 Albert Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000


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