Australian Coles Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being the favourite cookie of many people, the chocolate chip cookie is found in many cafes, bakeries and supermarkets in Australia. Chocolate chip cookie fans can find a variety of this cookie at Coles.

Coles supermarket freshly bakes its own chocolate chip cookies. The cookies come in a box of six for the price of AUD $2.50. There are a few types of chocolate chip cookies baked and sold by Coles.


My favourite Coles chocolate chip cookie is the “white choc chip cookie”, which Coles calls the “ultimate white choc chip cookie”. It is soft, filled with lovely white and dark chocolate chips, which is 40% of the cookie (stated on the box). The cookie also contains coconut, which tastes really good with the chocolate chips in the cookie.


There is a new version of the ultimate chocolate chip cookies, which was recently introduced at Coles. This cookie is made of 40% dark chocolate chips. It’s in a box of six for the price of AUD $2.50.



There are other chocolate chip cookies from different brands that are sold at Coles supermarket too.



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