Matcha Frappuccino at Starbucks

One of my favourite go-to drinks at Starbucks is the Matcha (green tea) Frappuccino. Although it’s winter in Australia, I was still enticed by the frappe and couldn’t resist ordering it. It’s also a well-loved drink by other Starbucks fans as I saw people collecting and savouring their delicious frappes. This light green drink looks pretty cool and is definitely photo-worthy.

Frappe 1Frappe 3Frappe 2Frappe 4

The matcha frappe itself has a sweet green tea and milk taste. The whipped cream on top makes is sweeter and reduces the matcha’s intensity a little bit for me, but nevertheless the green tea flavour still shines in the frappe and fits my palate.

If you love matcha and frappes, you should try this awesome drink.


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