Tasting Different Tim Tam Flavours

Tim Tams are some of the most famous Australian treats worldwide. Most people are used to the regular milk chocolate and dark chocolate Tim Tams, however, there is a variety of Tim Tam flavours available in Australia. These flavours are quite interesting, with creative spins to other familiar flavours.

The first unique Tim Tam is the Mango-flavoured Tim Tam. The packaging is bright orange/yellow. The Tim Tam consists of the regular biscuits that are dipped in milk chocolate, however, the filling is a bright yellow mango cream, which gives it a tropical mango flavour.


The second unique Tim Tam is the Salted Caramel gelato flavour. The biscuits are the same, however, the cream filling has a hint of a gelato-like flavour, apart from the delicious salted caramel. It is unique that Arnott’s created a fusion of two delicious treats (TimTams and Gelato). An interesting idea is that they incorporated gelato into the Tim Tams, and not the other way around, as Tim Tams are typically versatile and are always delicious as a gelato flavour of its own.


The third unique flavour is Black Forest Gelato. This Tim Tam is pretty different from the other Tim Tams and gelato flavours. The biscuits are dipped in dark chocolate, and the filling comprises of cream and black forest cherry jam/jelly in the middle, which really looks like a black forest cake. In fact, the Tim Tam is a biscuit version of a black forest cake, with whipped cream and cherry jelly inside and dark chocolate outside.


If you have the opportunity to taste these Tim Tam flavours, do try them as it’s a wonderful experience.


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