Ice Skating in Australia

It’s almost the middle of winter in Australia, and each Australian city has their own activities lined up for the season. Brisbane’s winter wonderland is in full swing, particularly with an ice skating rink outside City Hall.
A mini winter festival has taken over King George Square, and it’s been transformed into a pretty area to spend time and enjoy the cool weather in Queensland’s capital. Although it’s a cool place to visit during the day, I loved visiting it at night better. Beautiful fairy lights illuminate the rink, with City Hall as the backdrop. It almost seemed to be similar to scenes in Christmas movies, except that it’s not Christmas-themed. There’s awesome music at the rink too, and it sets the vibe and energy for skating and having fun.
While most ice skaters were circling around the rink freely with joy, there were other skaters who were having a blast with the large plastic kangaroos. Basically, people sat on them and their companions pushed them around the rink. Not only were people having fun while pushing and riding these blue kangaroos on ice, it was also helpful in maintaining their balance. Some of the standout ice skaters were cosplayers with great balance who were posing for photos in their dazzling costumes.
The entrance from the Queen Street Mall area is lined with rows of food stalls. Food selections including pizza, curry in a cone, German sausages and ice cream (yes, there’s ice cream because it’s still sunny in Brisbane) are available.
It’s a lovely place to spend time with family and friends during the winter break.

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