The Charming City of Newcastle

Newcastle is a city in New South Wales with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. It’s 3 hours away from Sydney, and you can get there by road or rail. Newcastle West is one of the most prominent areas in Newcastle, and there are many areas to visit within this area.


Having no strict itinerary for your holiday, going to places that you feel like visiting at a particular moment is the most fun, free and easy holiday experience. As you walk around, you will discover Newcastle more from the town’s vibe and spot places beyond the guides. Bring a map with you when you’re on your journey, and it is pretty easy to navigate around Newcastle West. You can ask your hotel’s receptionist for a map, which also makes a memorable souvenir.


My discovery from walking around Newcastle West was its uniqueness and individuality through the arts. There are colourful murals around the city, and these designs are simply awesome.


Another reason why Newcastle is stunning is because of its architecture. Heritage buildings are preserved and it’s interesting to think that each building has been around for decades. I couldn’t help but imagine that if the walls could talk, they would share fascinating stories from history.


The small shops along Hunter Street are very charming; and the second-hand bookshops, where avid readers and writers can savour a cup of coffee while immersing themselves in fascinating stories from a variety of books, are inviting.





There’s more to my adventures in Newcastle, so please look forward to my upcoming Newcastle posts!


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