Student Art Exhibitions and More in Newcastle

The University of Newcastle’s University House and student gallery sits within Newcastle West’s precinct at Auckland Street. The university’s main campus is in Callaghan and it’s accessible via public transportation and by car.

The amazing architecture is simply breathtaking. Newcastle City has preserved beautiful, historical buildings that create individuality for the city. This allows Newcastle to stand out on its own as a must-visit area in New South Wales, apart from Sydney.

The University House is currently home to the Newcastle Graduate School of Business and Newcastle Legal Centre. This 1930s art deco building is located opposite Civic Park. An interesting fact about the University House is that it was one of the filming locations in New South Wales for the movie Superman Returns.


The University of Newcastle’s Watt Space Gallery features work from art students – such as Masters projects. The exhibitions change after a couple of weeks. You can grab a printed guide with details about the artist, inspirations for the works and the meanings behind them. Also, you can purchase items such as card-sized copies of the artworks. These cards are meaningful to me as they aren’t ordinary and cliché souvenirs. In fact, they’re uniquely Novocastrian. Plus, you can even purchase the original artworks from these emerging artists. It’s a great opportunity to purchase these artists’ works that may increase in value in the future.


Visual art enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this space as it’s a unique experience in the arts scene, where student artists have opportunities to showcase their talents and creativity.

If you’re planning a trip to Newcastle, including the University of Newcastle’s iconic city locations in your itinerary is highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed.



University House – Corner of King and Auckland Sts, Newcastle NSW 2300

Watt Space Gallery – 20 Auckland St, Newcastle NSW 2300

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