Newcastle’s Noodle Paradise

Marketown is a shopping centre at Steel Street. It is located near Travelodge and it is visible from there. There are two sides of the shopping centre. The larger building is the West side, and the area including the open-aired car park is the East side. The West side is where Woolworths supermarket, Big W and some food places are located. Coles supermarket, Officeworks and the rest of the restaurants are on the opposite side.


The food at Marketown is appealing to different palates, choices and cravings. Doughnuts, noodles, sushi, coffee and Subway are all available at the mall’s terrace. The noodle shop, Noodle Paradise, closes later at night. The noodles at Noodle Paradise are delicious, and a bowl of hot noodles is perfect for dinner or supper in autumn and winter, and to have your noodles fix. Each portion of noodles is great and there’s a variety of noodle dishes to choose from. I chose the Singapore Noodles and the hot, fresh noodles and curry flavour were just what I needed for a chilly evening in the beautiful city of Newcastle.



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