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There’s loads to love about Sydney! Uncovering treasures in both hidden and famous spots are all part of the adventure. These are two memorable activities from my Sydney experience:

Café & Restaurant-Hopping

The great eats and restaurants in Sydney prove that it truly shines as a prime destination in the culinary arts. Cafés and restaurants are really alluring as they are all appealing to the eyes, in terms of both items on the menus and décor. Although the dishes look good, they taste even better! I particularly enjoyed the Thai food. The colourful Southeast Asian desserts and coconut cake from small cafes are unmissable as well.


A suggestion is to visit Passion Tree – I’ve visited the shop in Brisbane several times, however, you should visit the one in Sydney too. Their menu is similar to the one in Brisbane (with some cool additions) and they’re very pretty! Also, the cafes in Sydney look incredible and many of them in the city have their own special themes.


A restaurant that I visited is The Muglan, a Nepalese & Indian restaurant. This elegant, dimly-lit restaurant with lights that are reminiscent to lanterns is comfortable and perfect for family dinners. The chicken momo, which is a Nepalese classic, was the most memorable dish that I had as it was my very first time tasting it. Part of the fun in visiting a city is trying something new and creating memories, and this was definitely an unforgettable experience for me. The momo that I had was soft and spicy.


Exploring Markets

I was a huge fan of the Travel Channel when I was growing up and watched countless of shows that showcased insights into destinations that shared hidden and some not-so-hidden gems beyond guide books. One of the most unforgettable mantras that these shows’ presenters used to emphasise is that travellers would immerse themselves in a destination and truly connect with a city when they visit its local markets.

I agree with this as markets represent the community with their delightful stalls, therefore creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors. This is especially the case for large cities with hustle and bustle. Paddy’s Market is no exception as it reflects both a part of Sydney’s colourful character and a melting pot of cultures under one roof. Apart from a hodgepodge of stalls downstairs and the delicious food from the food court upstairs, souvenirs are generally cheaper and more unique than those available in other parts of the CBD.



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