Cendol Sundae at McDonald’s in Singapore

Along with the nasi lemak burger, McDonald’s dessert kiosks have introduced the Cendol ice creams for their latest special flavor. As such, it was time to say goodbye to yet another flavor – namely the coffee milk ‘tea’ flavor. Just when I thought the hype on coffee milk ‘tea’ was unbeatable (or at least uncontestable), I soon realized I was underestimating it.

When I arrived at my local McDonald’s, I was surprised to see the snaking queue towards the dessert kiosk. I reckon these people (who I admire for their patience and determination to stay in a long queue – I would’ve just returned much later) were just as excited for the cendol ice cream as they were for the previous one.

After devouring my nasi lemak burger, it was finally time for me to pay a visit to the dessert kiosk and order some of that ice cream. Thankfully, the queue was much shorter than before. I observed cone after cone of cendol ice cream being collected while waiting. I decided to try the cendol sundae, as the sundae is my favorite ice cream from McDonald’s. I mean, who doesn’t love the chocolate sauce?


Cendol is a popular Southeast Asian dessert. Not to mention, a chilled and cold dessert like cendol is perfect for the warm weather. This sweet dessert is known for its green  rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. On top of that, other toppings may include azuki beans. The cendol sundae’s color somewhat reminds me of palm sugar. From the very first spoonful of the sundae, the coconut milk and palm sugar combo is prominent. It tastes quintessentially tropical – it’s basically the tropics in an ice cream. The chocolate sauce is strong (as usual), but I enjoyed the combination.

All in all, the cendol ice cream is enjoyable. It also represents flavors that locals truly love.


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