Holiday Red Velvet Oreo with Cheesecake-Flavored Cream

It’s astounding that days are flying by and it’s almost Christmas. To be precise, Christmas will be here this time next month (it’s the 25th of November today, Christmas is just around the corner!). From trees and tinsel to the cutest TV ads, the Christmas spirit has taken effect!

Santa’s elves have lined an exciting addition on the shelves of selected supermarkets’ cookie aisles across the Lion City. Welcome to my pantry, Red Velvet Oreo!


Red Velvet Oreo isn’t new to the cookie realm, but it’s a novelty in this corner of the globe. I’d yet to have any myself prior to this post, but it’s something that virtually every foodie has heard of through the media. I spotted this treat unexpectedly while paying a usual visit to the supermarket. There are some differences between these red velvet cookies and the ones from the US. For starters, the red velvet Oreo available here in Asia is a special limited-edition flavor for this year’s festive season. I’ve heard about dedicated cookie enthusiasts who’re stocking up on these coveted goods while they’re still available around the island – these treats only expire in July 2020, so there’s plenty of time to savor the red velvet holiday haul!


The description printed on the packaging that reads “Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies with Cheesecake Flavored Cream” sparks the idea that this is what Oreo dreams are made of.


These cookies look festive indeed – a cream filling with golden-yellow fireworks hue that’s sandwiched between radiant red cookies that shout “Ho ho ho!”. It has a cake-like aroma, especially from the cream. After taking my very first bite, I couldn’t put my finger on its taste instantly, but one thing was certain: it was really good. Once my tongue was acquainted with the cookie, the flavors became much clearer.


Just like the star on top of the Christmas tree, the layer of cheesecake cream stands out in my opinion. This tangy cream (it’s not meant to be too sweet) makes its entrance, instead of the classic sugary filling. I like this unusual filling, and it pairs with the red velvet cookies perfectly both in flavor and aesthetics. The cream is powerful on its own, but it doesn’t overshadow the red velvet cookies in the sandwich itself. In fact, it blends harmoniously with the red velvet. Now to come to think of it, the cream’s color has a reminiscence to that of cheesecake.


The red velvet cookie’s flavor notes aren’t as strong as those of its original chocolate-flavored cousins. It’s neither chocolatey (although cocoa powder is one of the ingredients) nor vanilla-y. The cookies taste delicious without being complicated. They actually fit the ‘red velvet’ cake concept quite well too. This is brilliant because the red velvet cookies and cheesecake-flavored cream aren’t competing with one another in every bite – hence being a red velvet cake with a touch of cheesecake (rather than just ordinary cream cheese) in the form of an Oreo!


Overall, the Red Velvet Oreo is a must-try. Snacking on them whilst being immersed in Christmas movies is blissful (which is how I’ve been enjoying them). These cookies are also a wonderful accompaniment to a cozy cup of tea. The ‘fun-sized’ smaller packets are great stocking stuffers too!


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