Pain aux Raisins at Délifrance + Memories

Délifrance celebrates all things French. It’s the French equivalent of Starbucks and The Coffee Bean internationally. It’s one of the places that I remember vividly as a child. Although that particular outlet from my childhood has ceased to exist, I recall different corners of the cafe like I’d just dropped by yesterday for a chicken croissant assembled freshly by at their ‘croissant bar’ from behind the counter. I remember sitting on quintessential Parisian-style navy-blue and white dining chairs with woven wicker backrests, paired with wooden tables.


Fast forward to 2019, I visited a Délifrance outlet in Singapore and was happily surprised with what I saw – it turns out that the croissant bar concept is alive! The best part’s that my childhood favorites haven’t disappeared from the menu, which means I don’t need to hop into a time machine to taste these delights again! The item that stands out is the pain aux raisins, or ‘sultana croissant’ as it’s referred to at Délifrance – and it looks identical to the ones I savored back in the day. While Délifrance’s decor is vastly different from the one I used to frequent, the menu certainly makes up for it. I opted for a takeaway this time.


Pain aux raisins is typically a breakfast item in French cuisine, but I reckon there’s always time for a sweet treat all-day long. The sweet sultana croissants are available throughout the day at Délifrance. The part that makes their simple yet elegant treat stand out is the radiant red maraschino cherry in the middle.


While being classified as ‘sweet’, the sultana croissant isn’t overly sweet. The croissant has a buttery flavor note (especially those parts without the glaze) and the gorgeous glaze on top isn’t too sweet either. The elements of sweetness shine from those pieces of raisins that are placed all around. As always, the maraschino cherry is a highlight, contributing a bright, juicy and flavorful addition. Regular pain aux raisins don’t comprise of this cherry, so I reckon this is Délifrance’s touch to a traditional favorite.


The croissant treat possesses classic flavors and it’s executed wonderfully. Although the sultana croissant isn’t a part of their Christmas menu (it’s an all-year-round item), it does embody the Christmas spirit – especially with the cheerful cherry that looks like a red-colored Christmas light that’s been lit, from the old-school multicolored strings of Christmas lights. It especially exudes a “Joyeux Noël” vibe during the holidays.


If you’re craving French cafe-esque treats both at Christmastime and along the year, Délifrance is a wonderful place to visit. With long queues forming at lunchtime, it shows that the food here is well-loved!

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