Berry and Chocolate Mochi Donuts

Gone are the days when donut selections were limited – there’s something for everyone nowadays, including savory ones! Although the good ol’ donut has evolved with endless variations of toppings and flavors, a twist on texture with mochi while somehow retaining its original glory (regular donuts with simple glazes and flavors are simply the best!) captured my attention instantly. Mochi donuts – this is something I have to try, I thought to myself.


Mochi is Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice, and it’s ubiquitous in traditional Japanese sweets. As it turns out, a donut chain in Japan named Mister Donut is home to these mochi donuts (otherwise known as “Pon de Ring” donuts – apparently the name’s a nod to Pao de Queijo, a Brazilian cheese bread that has somewhat of a resemblance to the donut). Dunkin’ in Singapore has hopped on board the food trend that has exploded onto the donut scene, along with other food establishments globally who’ve brought these treats to other parts of the world. These innovative donuts have won the hearts and taste buds of many fans. As such, ordering the “Berry MochiMochi” and “Choco MochiMochi” donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts was my mission.


The donuts have a quirky floral look. To me, they have a reminiscence to tear-and-share foods like pizza (especially the ones with cheese or hot dog stuffed crusts) and bread. These donuts do look a little like scrunchies too!


Although I’m drawn to the decadent world of chocolate, the cheery pink “Berry MochiMochi” donut stood out to me the most. It’s a spin to the donuts that Homer Simpson is obsessed with!


The dough, which is where the magic of mochi shines, comes across as a hybrid of both mochi and a donut. The golden dough looks like its been cooked like regular donuts. The taste didn’t change drastically in my opinion. While it’s different from chomping on regular donuts that we all know and love, I can see why it’s a hit in the world of desserts. As I chewed thoughtfully, it dawned upon me that at the very moment, I was enjoying the chewy texture and appreciated the moment of savoring the donut and its flavors. It isn’t overly chewy, hence not being a workout for your teeth, neither is it tough texture-wise. It’s rather soft and airy, with a gentle chewiness.


The thick glaze with those colorful sprinkles is like icing on the cake with a cherry on top – which makes each mouthful a flavorful delight. Everything blends perfectly together in each bite. The sweet Berry glaze tastes like strawberry and Choco tastes like, well, chocolate. I reckon Homer Simpson approves the Berry MochiMochi in its entirety! The Choco MochiMochi is scrumptious too, especially for chocolate-lovers. I enjoyed these donuts, and I hope more flavors and glazes will be introduced!


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