Fruity and Floral “Pink Drink” at Starbucks

It looks like many people across the island call Starbucks their second home! To be more precise, a million people (and counting) have become official Starbucks enthusiasts. The coffee chain is celebrating a milestone – attaining one million rewards members. A special limited-period (roughly a week!) members-only menu was available as part of the commemoration. This exclusive menu comprised of two drinks that are new to the island – the Pink and Yellow Drinks. These drinks aren’t strangers to the Starbucks realm as they’re available in the States. Being a novelty in this part of the world, Starbucks enthusiasts pounced on the opportunity to taste them while they were available.


As the clock began ticking, I made my way to my local Starbucks. ‘Pink’ and ‘Yellow’ are ambiguous names, hence making each drink a mystery! I soon discovered teasers on what to expect. The Yellow Drink features mango and passion fruit flavor notes, while the Pink Drink features floral notes. As they both sound delightful, I made my choice based on a selection criteria.

The decision on choosing between the two of them boiled down to two factors: 1. the color and appearance that I’m drawn to the most, and 2. the drink with the most mystery and intrigue. I adore soft shades of purple and pink (my most favorite colors in the world), and I was game for experiencing an element of surprise. As such, the Pink Drink was the winner!


With brief information on what to expect, I consulted the internet while enjoying my drink to draw rough ideas on various elements that I was tasting in real-time. Based on bits of research, I discovered that the Pink Drink has a combo of lovely flavors and ingredients. Starbucks’ very own Strawberry Açaí Refresher (another drink on Starbucks’ menu in the US), coconut milk (yum!) and passion fruit are key elements.


The Pink Drink did indeed have a floral note, and it was a refreshing welcome to the flavor experience. I reckon they’ve used coconut milk, as the drink is creamy – its consistency seems to match the American version. Tartness, which blended excellently with sweet floral tones, seem to be derived from fruity elements. The American drink comprises of passion fruit and strawberries, which do possess tartness and sweetness. Strawberries didn’t surprise me, as it had a strawberry-esque flavor edge.

Another difference is that my Pink Drink didn’t include strawberries on top, unlike some of the versions I spotted online. Nevertheless, the Lion City’s Pink Drink is gorgeous and I was admiring it the entire time. The milky, pastel pink hue screams ‘SPRING!’ and it exudes cheery and cozy vibes.


I can picture it as a perfect drink for a picnic in a park surrounded with gorgeous flowers, greenery and pure bliss. The Pink Drink could easily fit into Starbucks’ spring menu (spring 2019, at least). The color and flavors share a reminiscence of the sakura rose mocha frappe and strawberry red velvet cake.


All in all, I had a wonderful time tasting the Pink Drink. While it isn’t the kind of drink I consider as my go-to order (Teavana teas and frappes are my favorite), I’m certainly glad I had the opportunity to try the new drink and experience the flavors!


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