Starbucks Strawberry Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is probably one of my top 5 most favorite cakes in the world – who doesn’t love soft red layers of cake with smooth cream cheese?

With a sprinkle of dried rose petals and pink sakura-looking chocolate pieces on top, it looks elegant and I just had to get a slice for myself. As the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes first”.

When I collected my plate from the counter, the sweet scent of strawberries became apparent instantly. Just when I thought that this light pink slice was going to be a flavorful punch of strawberries – I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t exactly the case.

Two layers of soft sponge cake filled and topped with strawberry cream, without hints of cream cheese – it’s a completely different spin to the traditional red velvet cake. It wasn’t too sweet either, which is fantastic as none of the flavors overpowered over one another and they go hand-in-hand.


An interesting part about this cake is that the dried rose petals provides a sumptuous edge. What I love is that it isn’t candied rose petals – so it has a very minute bitter-like flavor that’s balanced with the lightly sweet strawberry and soft sponge cake. It’s a lovely cake to taste.

Starbucks at Changi Airport Terminal 3

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