McDonald’s Crispy Chicken in Singapore

The latest new item at McDonald’s in Singapore is the Crispy Chicken. Described as “crispy”, “juicy” and “tender”, it’s McDonald’s latest creation in Singapore. McDonald’s in Asia (or at least Singapore and Malaysia) is known for their fried chicken – referred to as the ‘McWings’ in Singapore. While the McWings comprises of drumlets and wings, the Crispy Chicken looks different – it looks like patties from the chicken burgers.

When I opened the wide box, I saw two pieces of deep-fried chicken. It does actually seem like the chicken thigh version of McWings, and it looks like two McSpicy-style patties.

While these pieces of chicken are spicy, the chili’s effect is subtle in comparison to the McSpicy’s spicy level. The chicken pieces are juicy and tender, with a crispy fried coat that’s reflected in its name. I think it’s filling for a quick bite, and it has a nice balance of flavors.

The special meal comes with twister fries (a.k.a curly fries) and a small drink. The twister fries are usually available during the Lunar New Year season, so I was surprised to learn that they’re available now. These curly, spring-looking golden delights were absolutely delicious – they are seasoned well. It was a nice change from the regular fries/chips, although I love the normal McDonald’s fries as well.


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