McDonald’s Molten Chocolate Pie in Singapore

When I first found out about the new chocolate pie at McDonald’s, I just knew I had to get a piece of the action by trying it for myself. For starters, I’m a self-professed chocolate fan and since I’ve been enjoying the special ice creams from McDonald’s, I thought of giving it a go.


While pies aren’t my first choice of desserts, the ‘chocolate’ part of chocolate pie won me over. For $1.50 it was an experience that I couldn’t pass – especially if it’s only available for a limited time.


The pie’s box looks like it reflects the experience of flavors from each bite, with its dark chocolate-colored exterior. The pie itself has a hot dark chocolate molten filling with a custardy-like texture in a crispy, warm rectangular-shaped chocolate pastry. It wasn’t sweet and I didn’t experience a sugar rush – I like this new creation! It’s different from the typical fruity pies at McDonald’s, which makes it a must-try if you’re in Singapore.


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