Belgian Chocolate Truffles + Christmas Trees

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches!

With melodies of Christmas music gracing the room through the speakers on a blissful Sunday afternoon in late November, my family’s Christmas tree came alive as our treasured ornaments found their places on the branches. Decorating our home and tree for Christmas is a tradition that I deeply cherish: there’s nothing like singing to Christmas choruses, contagious laughter and lots of love all around to brighten my spirit. It’s also the moment that says “I declare the Christmas festivities officially OPEN!” and it marks the beginning of the festive sweets season!

Belgian chocolates are ‘in’ this Christmas (there’s a display dedicated to them!), and one of the boxes that is lined in the festive aisle is truffle chocolates. The boxes, which are shaped similarly to buildings in Belgium to my eyes, house two types of chocolate truffles: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Considering that we’ve explored Belgium on the blog this year, it’s only right for us to ‘visit’ Belgium at Christmastime!

They fit on the mini tree – yes, we have a mini tree and a regular tree!

Anyone who is fond of DIY candy trees or enjoys stringing popcorn for their tree would adore these truffles. Reminding me of sliver-toned glittery and metallic ornaments (never hold back on sparkly stuff!), the truffles are individually-wrapped in gold foil that remind me of bauble balls! They’ll be cool ‘edible ornaments’ that could be added to classic silver or gold-themed trees and candy-themed trees. ‘Foraging’ for edible bits from Christmas trees and chomping on them is heaps of fun. This means that I can wave my decorating wand throughout the season to replenish the sweets on the trees!

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

The mix of dark and milk chocolates in a single box is great for sharing among family members who have different preferences – much like picking favorites from a tin of Quality Street. I couldn’t wait to taste the two truffles and pick a winner!

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

A noticeable difference is that a thick ‘shell’ encases the filling in the milk chocolate version, while a thinner layer encases the dark chocolate version. Both truffles look different on the outside, but they are identical inside. The glorious creamy-like mixture that sits in the center of each truffle tastes like milk chocolate. The aspect that I love the most is that the truffles’ core element is celebrated in different flavor perspectives: dark chocolate has a rich semi-sweet cocoa contrast to the filling, while milk chocolate truffles simply taste like heaven for milk chocolate fans.

Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate

These truffles are quite straightforward when it comes to flavors, and they add a Belgian touch to my European Christmas chocolate haul. I feel like I visited Bruges in the Flanders region for the holidays and returned with chocolate truffles as a souvenir!

Decked with orange fairy lights and lined with stalls at the Christmas Market, Bruges makes the perfect backdrop for a magical Christmas. It also makes me want to watch winter films, like Beauty and the Beast! Lumiere, Cogsworth and the whole gang would fit right in and consider the charming city their home away from home. Imagine a town with cobblestone streets, chocolate shops, horse carriages, and preserved architecture with waffle-y medieval roofs on the cutest buildings! Bruges is home to gorgeously-decked Christmas trees too. Magical and snug vibes are amped-up at Christmastime, which is why I’m dreaming of Bruges!

After much thought on picking the truffle I liked the best, it dawned upon me that I can’t pick a ‘favorite’, because they’re both delicious in their own ways. Dark chocolate is perfect for enjoying different flavor notes in each bite, while milk chocolate is a classic that feels like home. Rather than choosing one or the other, I’ll gladly have both of them!


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