Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits & Gold Coast Memories

While browsing the snack aisle at my local supermarket here in the Lion City recently, I bumped into an old friend: Tim Tam! I didn’t think twice as soon as I spotted it: I knew I had to re-introduce it to my snack stash for a long-awaited reunion.

Tim Tam has got to be one of the most iconic supermarket picks that represents Australia – apart from Vegemite. Unlike Vegemite, though, Tim Tam is filled with chocolatey goodness.

Apart from its presence in my snack stash, Tim Tam seems to be back on the foodie realm’s radar. The first part that caught my eye is a Tim Tam-inspired hotel suite in Sydney. The second story is about Trader Joe’s take on Tim Tam in the US, with its new ‘Aussie-style’ cookies. Considering that foodies are diving into the world of Tim Tams as well, it’s time to share a little ode to this much-adored chocolate treat!

Biscuits in Aussie Supermarkets

The Tim Tam experience begins at the shops, where the ranges of sandwiched biscuits are pretty epic at Australian supermarkets. If you’re a snacker who is looking for some sweet-ish bites, you’re bound to find some that you would love to taste. What feels like thousands of biscuits sit on these shelves, tempting shoppers who pass by to add another item or two to their shopping baskets!

Tim Tam has ventured beyond its conventional chocolate palate – nowadays, new flavors are added to these bikkies. As much as I love tasting new limited-period Tim Tam creations (both here in Singapore and in Australia), the standard/original version is my personal favorite – and many chocolate fans gravitate to the OG too. The saying “there’s no place like home” rings true when it comes to Tim Tams!

One of the photos from my old albums includes a picture of a biscuits aisle in the Gold Coast. There’s more to the aisle, as it continues beyond the photo!

The humble Tim Tam reminds me of my grocery hauls and walking into supermarkets located in some of the most incredible places, ever. I instantly recollected visits to Woolies (Woolworths) at Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast, where the beach is practically at the supermarkets branches’ doorsteps. Grocery runs are heaps more fun when you’re only a few minutes away from the beach (via foot!) Imagine taking a cool stroll to the shops, with gentle breezes from the ocean gracing the atmosphere with its presence along the way! Having a mini picnic and feasting on delightful bites, while rejuvenating with magnificent views around you, adds to the Coast’s beachside charm!

One of my favorite Gold Coast pics from my album!

Back to Tim Tams!

Named after the 1958 Kentucky Derby winner (yes, the treat we know and love is named after a race-winning horse!), Tim Tam is a classic in the foodie world. Manufactured in three cities – Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide – they feature Australian chocolate, which possesses a similar taste to British chocolate.

Each standard Tim Tam pack contains 11 biscuits. Purely from experience, I realized that they begin to disappear, one by one, as soon as the package is opened – especially if you’re a chocolate fan. And if you’re surrounded by fellow chocolate-lovers, they’ll be chomped on quicker!

Comprising of a ‘sandwiched’ biscuit with a layer of chocolate cream between two chocolate biscuits, Tim Tams are every chocoholic’s dream. The biscuits are crunchy and less dense compared to a soft American-style cookie, while the delicate cream inside brings a textural contrast. Far from dry, the biscuits’ batter is airy, with little air bubbles on the bottom of each slab. These biscuits are light, and they have a crumbly snap when you divide them.

Finally, the treat is coated in chocolate in its entirety. Chocolate is its soul, and Tim Tam represents the ingredient to the fullest! This chocolate coat is thin (unless you select the ‘double-coat’ version, which is just as delicious!) but sufficient to add an additional chocolatey touch perfectly, without overshadowing the three primary elements it encases.

Tim Tam has touched the baking realm too. Some bakers and chefs have created their own takes on this chocolate delight – even one of Australia’s renowned chefs, Matt Moran, shared his recipe for Tim Tam-like biscuits in his book, Matt Moran’s Australian Food: Coast + Country. In the café scene, Tim Tams are adored by chocolate-loving café hoppers in Australia. The biscuits tend to appear in extravagant, chocolate-filled “loaded milkshakes” or in some chocolate drinks at cafés. I, on the other hand, enjoy biting into my Tim Tams the old-fashioned way – as bikkies to snack on, with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on the side.

If you’re thinking of having an Aussie touch to teatime, Tim Tam is definitely the best treat to commence your taste bud’s tour of the land Down Under!


9 thoughts on “Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits & Gold Coast Memories

  1. I love Tim Tam! The first time I tried it was when one of the grocery stores in the Bay Area sold it briefly until it was gone. I had a couple of packages that I put in my freezer. I loved to eat them frozen! The second time was a friend from Sydney visited and brought me a package of these yummy biscuits! I was ecstatic! 🙂

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