Mint Slice Chocolate Biscuits from Australia

I was in search of another iconic Australian biscuit that belongs on the Bikkie Hall of Fame, preferably one with chocolate. In my quest for a bikkie (biscuit) that fits the bill, I was elated to spot one of my old pals. Mint Slice is available at the shops here in the Lion City! And yes, Mint Slice is as classic as it gets when it comes to Aussie biscuits. Like Tim Tams, Mint Slice is available at supermarkets across Australia, so you’ll definitely find it at places like Coles and Woolworths.

Mint Slice has an After Eight-ish charm that I simply adore. It is available throughout the year, hence being a staple find in every season. In my eyes, Mint Slice adds a refreshing touch to the array of snack selections in summer. By the time winter arrives, Mint Slice’s role becomes akin to munching on candy canes at Christmastime, only much chocolatey and less crunchy.

I was reminiscing early April autumn strolls in Sydney and Newcastle, while the sun was setting on beautiful evenings. Tufts of puffy ‘cotton candy’ clouds are still in sight, as they prepare to wish everyone “good night”. Gentle winds symbolize the transition from a perfect sunny afternoon to a cool evening. It was then that I was inspired to pen an ode to this Australian biscuit. Mint Slice reminds me of cool autumnal breezes in New South Wales (the state where the two cities are located), and mint’s refreshing touch is perfect for sunny afternoons in the Lion City!

The sun sets in Newcastle
An evening at Darling Harbour, Sydney

As soon as I unwrapped these bikkies, my nose was greeted with a glorious aroma. “Hello world” is declared in the form of a gentle whiff of peppermint that delights any mint-loving person.

Though being a member of the biscuits realm, Mint Slice does possess speckles of what it means to be a ‘slice’. In Australia, the general definition of a slice is almost like traybake cakes and bar cookies – these delights are perfect as a little afternoon pick-me-up over a cup of tea or coffee. They are equally spectacular as dessert after lunch or a comfy dinner, especially when you’re sitting in front of your TV on movie nights.

Some picks that are labeled as a ‘slice’ in Australia comprise of three layers. The slice journey commences with a biscuit base. Traditionally, this role belongs to shortbread, and today, various kinds of biscuits are introduced too. The second stage to building a slice is my favorite part: a thick filling that features a particular flavor is placed on top of the biscuit to set. Normally, this chunky filling is firm (some are close to fudge texture-wise) yet soft enough to bite into and chew on. Finally, a topping (like chocolate) completes the heavenly treat.

The delightful Mint Slice ticks all the boxes in my slice criteria: a biscuit base, a filling, and a chocolate coat. While it has the spirit of a slice, Mint Slice has stepped away from the norm – it is a circle-shaped treat, unlike most slices that are either squares or rectangles. Also, the entire treat is completely coated in chocolate. Inside, the filling is smoother, and it is not as dense as a fudge. Hence, it is lighter than a typical ‘slice’, which makes it a great snack for sweet tooths. It’s almost impossible to stop at just one Mint Slice biscuit when a tray of them appears right in front of you!

The slice’s chocolate biscuit base is somewhere between regular sugar biscuits and Oreos in texture. Although it is covered in a smooth chocolate coat, the biscuit retains its crunchiness and light crumbliness. The biscuit, which is the largest and thickest part of the Mint Slice, complements the other elements perfectly with its chocolatey goodness. It does not overpower mint’s sparkle whatsoever. The biscuit elevates the mint’s flavor beautifully.

A decadent fondant (which is infused with peppermint oil) is placed on top of the chocolate biscuit. This mint fondant isn’t the kind of fondant that is used to decorate cakes – it is similar to the ones that are included as fillings in chocolates, but a little thicker and firmer. Mint’s touch complements the entire chocolate-laden treat perfectly. It isn’t as intense as mint candies, but it is strong enough to play a cool role (quite literally) in the blend of flavors.

The chocolate coat, which covers both the biscuit and mint fondant, has undertones of milk chocolate’s trademark sweetness, but its distinctive cocoa notes are prominent. Like the biscuit, cocoa shines in this chocolate coat.

If you’re thinking of adding a taste of Australia to your snack/teatime experience, Mint Slice is definitely a fabulous option!


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