Sydney: Darling Harbour & SEA Life Aquarium + My Favorite Day

While spending a day at home and pondering on places I would love to visit, I began reminiscing previous adventures and some of my favorite days filled with the most joyous and memorable experiences. One of them is the day I spent at Darling Harbour in one of my most favorite cities in the world: Sydney, Australia.


Exploring Sydney isn’t complete without visiting Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is really a darling of a location to visit (pun intended!), along with Circular Quay. Although skyscrapers with corporate offices surround the vicinity (notable mention: an IMAX is located here too!), Darling Harbour is home to some of the most touristy activities that Sydney has to offer. One of these places that is filled with loads of fun is the SEA Life aquarium. Escaping from a concrete jungle and entering a realm of sea creatures of different sizes, colors and species is a blissful way to unwind. Of course, there are sharks and sting rays (much to the enjoyment of trill-seekers) – but I adored the cute penguins (they were a hit with everyone) and schools of tiny colorful fishes way more.


What I loved most were the photogenic residents of the ginormous aquarium who were ready to say “g’day!” and smile for the camera whilst posing in their best angles. I was astounded by the natural beauty of these creatures, and spent time watching them as they went on with their daily activities – that included catching up with their friends and neighbors with a sense of calmness and serenity. As Sydney is an exciting city with everyone buzzing around (the city never sleeps!), it was relaxing to wind down by observing schools of fishes swimming around colorful corals. Sebastian was right when he was belting “We got the spirit, you got to hear it, under the sea”. That’s certainly how I felt at SEA Life!

‘Pennies’ from this machine make a great souvenir! My penny is stashed away safely with my other souvenirs!


I couldn’t leave without some memorabilia pins! The designs are pretty cool too – and it’s adds a bit mystery as you wouldn’t know the design you’ll get. Definitely highly recommended!

It was autumn when I visited (April), therefore, there weren’t as many visitors in comparison to summer (end and beginning of the calendar year).


Darling Harbour is especially gorgeous in the evening, and the sun was setting when I finally completed my adventure around the aquarium. It was the perfect time to take more pictures! The climate was not too hot, neither was it too cold – that’s a dreamy autumnal evening and a perfect conclusion to a day at the aquarium!


5 thoughts on “Sydney: Darling Harbour & SEA Life Aquarium + My Favorite Day

  1. Thank you for the outing to Sydney’s Harbour and Aquarium. It was fun to take the trip vicariously while sheltering in place. Sydney’s Harbour reminds me of the San Francisco Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. Bay Area locals shun it for being touristy but I love it! It is also by the bay and has attractions like an aquarium. I also like to collect souvenir pennies when I go on trips. And it did seem like a beautiful day. 🙂

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