Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Egg

And just like that, it’s time to reveal the final Easter egg of the series!

When it comes to the debate of saving your most favorite food for last during a meal versus having it first to not lose out on enjoying the best parts of your meal (in case if you’re too full and can’t imagine biting into anything else), I’m on the same team as anyone who agrees on the former, hands-down! As I tend to save the best – my personal favorites – for later, I was excited when the time came to taste this chocolate egg.


Orange and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor collaborations between chocolate and another ingredient. Sweet and tart citrus with cocoa has an elegance to it. The marbled aesthetics and splash of pinky-orange is incredibly cool, and it’s one of the first eggs in the box that grasped my attention. It’s dreamy and whimsical!


It turned out that chewy, chunky orange-flavored candy pieces are included in the chocolate. You can’t see them on the outside, but they’ll pounce out and exclaim “hello!” as you crack the egg. As I was chewing thoughtfully to register the flavors, I realized it awakens your tongue’s flavor sensors with sweetness, tartness, refreshing citrusness (the word doesn’t exist but I’m on a roll!) and bitterness. Indeed, it’s exactly what I dreamed it’ll be. Chunks of the orange element is scattered in the egg, and it’s like gourmet gummies meet dark chocolate. I would’ve loved more of those orange pieces! This egg is one of my favorites along with the almond and espresso eggs. It’s a sweet conclusion to the Easter egg series.

I had a blast tasting the 6 chocolate eggs and sharing them with you! Have a happy and blessed Easter, dear friends!



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