Salted Caramel and Coconut Dark Chocolate Eggs

Salted caramel and dark chocolate is another age-old favorite of many people. I prefer regular caramel on its own and as a star on the menu (decadent caramel cake and caramel soft serves are the best!), but caramel has been on-trend, especially last year when variations of caramel were celebrated in different desserts and drinks (like dark caramel in Starbucks’ dark caramel coffee sphere frappe). The caramel idea has even been emulated in the brown sugar bubble tea‘s appearance. Now we’re venturing in a festive take on salted caramel in a dark chocolate egg. This Easter egg is now the latest addition to the list of caramel delights featured on the blog!


Although salted caramel is considered as one ingredient, the single flavor is a union of two different elements. When adding dark chocolate (or any chocolate for that matter) into the picture, I tend to keep a lookout for three layers of flavors. The trio is a ferris wheel of flavors – salty, sweet, deep dark chocolate tones – sometimes one part may be at it’s flavor peak, while the others are prepping to coming through or easing gradually without being eliminated.


I was a little surprised that the salted caramel was very subtle – a little too subtle for my taste. I could barely detect salt. The parts that had a little more kick with caramel was beautiful. It turns out that the flavor is purposely supposed to be very soft, as the box does indicate it’s a subtle flavor in the chocolate. I would’ve loved more salted caramel as the chocolate does overshadow it.


Next up is the coconut egg. I was excited to taste this egg in particular because, well, coconut desserts are ubiquitous in the tropics! I wanted to see how they’d incorporate this island favorite into the Easter egg. The egg is certainly loaded with desiccated coconut from its appearance, which meant it was going to be a coconut-packed egg!


When I took my first bite, it was evident that coconut is present, however, it was rather dry. As the chocolate is stronger, I couldn’t detect the coconut’s flavor. It’s safe to say the coconut egg isn’t my favorite out of all the selections simply because coconut isn’t prominent. The chocolate, however, is delightful.

Although these eggs don’t stack up to the others in the box (to my taste buds at least), it’s interesting that the flavor concepts exist! Easter eggs come in a vast variety of flavors nowadays, and I can’t wait to see new flavor attempts. See you in my next Easter post!



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