Café Espresso Dark Chocolate Egg

Coffee lovers, rejoice! A perfect Easter egg does exist especially for you! When I read the words ‘café espresso’, I was instantly reminded of a post from nearly a year ago about the black forest ice blended drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – an ode to the union of chocolate and coffee, and those bits of chocolate-coated coffee beans in the drink were incredibly delicious. That’s my favorite part of blogging: reminiscing memories of posts I penned! Chocolate and coffee aren’t abnormal in the snack and sweets world, and it isn’t new to my palate either. I loved snacking on chocolate-coated coffee beans in Brisbane a handful of times (well before the black forest drink experience). I haven’t had a matching chocolate and coffee combo since that faithful day at The Coffee Bean.

The drink I’m referring to!

With all the wonderful memories coming (more like flooding) back, my excitement was sky high before caffeine was consumed! The part that’s new and piqued my interest is that coffee granules is used in the egg instead of coffee beans, which I don’t recall tasting in chocolate before. Coffee granules is essentially freeze-dried coffee, which made the idea rather fascinating. As espresso is created with ground coffee beans, I reckon that’s why they chose coffee granules over coffee bean chunks.

Melbourne is notable for its stellar coffee shops and cafes – the cafe culture is huge there, it’s basically the foodie capital of Australia. I was thrilled that Chocolatier included this element into their dark chocolate Easter egg range. It’s a nod to their home ground’s legacy (I’ve yet to identify where the coffee they’ve used is from, though).


Akin to the others, this egg comprises of 70% dark chocolate.


Crunchy coffee blends with smooth dark chocolate throughout the egg. I spotted cool bubble-like hollow holes reminiscent to those in Nestle’s Aero and Cadbury’s Bubbly chocolate bars when I cracked it! The crunchy coffee bits are distributed evenly in the chocolate, which packed a punch in each bite.


Layering coffee and dark chocolate may come across as a ‘bitter on bitter’ experience, but dark chocolate ironically did a great job in reducing the bitterness’ intensity holistically. All in all, it ranks a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me. I’ve never had coffee granules in chocolate before but it’s actually good! If you’re looking for a less intense experience of eating chocolate-coated whole coffee beans, you will love this chocolate as the coffee bits are scattered pretty evenly throughout the chocolate.




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3 thoughts on “Café Espresso Dark Chocolate Egg

  1. Thank you for the virtual chocolate Easter Egg tastings! They all sounded good. However my preference is for the almond dark chocolate. When it comes to chocolates, I am pretty traditional although I would try exotic flavors such as these ones at Jcoco I also do not really like truffles. I like solid chocolates without the ooey-gooey messy fillings. Now you got me thinking of getting chocolate eggs for Easter! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! The almond egg is one of my faves as well! I’ve yet to see Jcoco chocolates here – they’re exotic and adventurous indeed! Especially the edamame and cayenne ones. They all look very tempting! 😋 I love truffles and I don’t mind gooey fillings. As long as they include milk chocolate, it’s a winner in my eyes haha 😂 Have a blessed Easter! 🙂


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