Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is back with another new ice cream flavor in Singapore – this time it’s popcorn! I love all sorts of sweet popcorn. I was excited and fascinated with this flavor, that I visited the dessert kiosk at McDonald’s on literally the very next day after discovering it online to try it out!

The new Popcorn Caramel ice cream looks absolutely delectable in the advertisements, and when I got my hands on the cone and sundae in real life, I felt like devouring my sundae straight away. As usual, I snapped pictures to capture the moment – so I had to wait a little before trying it out!

On its own, the caramel-brown ice cream has a caramel and corn flavor, but I mostly tasted the caramel between the two of them. It somehow reminds me of the caramel mud cake from Woolies in Brisbane (which is DELICIOUS!), but with a much lighter flavor and a hint of corn. The ice cream itself has a subtle caramel flavor, but the flavor is a little stronger than the pandan ice cream.

As for the sundae (my usual pick), the chocolate fudge sauce possesses a stronger flavor compared to the ice cream itself, but I like a stronger chocolate flavor so it works for me. This combo is one of my new favorites!

I like this flavor from McDonald’s! Although I couldn’t really taste the ‘popcorn’ flavor, it reminds me of one of my favorite cakes – which makes me especially elated 🙂


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