Chicken Baked Rice at O’Coffee Club

When I first saw O’Coffee Club, I immediately thought of the café chain in Australia. It looks familiar from the outside – it’s somewhat reminiscent to The Coffee Club in Australia, however, the menu is completely different. I’ve passed by countless of times, and they’re always buzzing with people.

The menu’s Western-Asian fusion of flavors, in particular, sound rather intriguing. I tried probably one of the most quintessential dishes at restaurants and cafés in Singapore that specialize in Western food – the chicken baked rice.

Chicken baked rice is a common dish in Singapore, and it’s a favorite among locals too. Rice, with fillings including veggies and/or chicken, fish or other meats, is topped with gooey melted cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my plate. Instead of the usual baked rice appearance (i.e. rice and everything else mixed together on one plate), the dish’s elements were placed separately – and they looked divine! This is the most uniquely plated and prettiest chicken baked rice that I’d ever seen.

The grilled chicken was the star of the dish – absolutely delicious with the mushroom and peppery sauce. I liked the salad too. The rice has the color of a tomato base or sauce, but I didn’t notice any hints of tomatoes in the rice and the tomato flavor wasn’t identifiable. From my perspective, it has a strong herby flavor instead. As such, it wasn’t my favorite. It did, however, have chopped carrots and corn, which added different textures to the rice and cheese component. Overall, it was a filling dish and I am impressed with the grilled chicken.

The spaghetti was good too, but it would be elevated if there’s a slightly generous helping of the sauce.

I’d visit this café again especially for the chicken and to try their other items. The atmosphere is nice too, and it seems to be a popular place where people hang out over a meal or a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

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