Visiting KFC in Singapore

KFC, just like most fast food chains, differ in other countries. I thought of visiting a Singaporean KFC outlet for lunch to try their food as I’ve not visited one in ages.


For lunch, I chose the special Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger burger (read my review here!), and the other items in the order were cheesy fries and a ‘shrooms burger.

The ‘shrooms burger is part of KFC’s main menu in Singapore. It’s a delicious chicken patty with sliced mushrooms in a gravy sauce. If you’re into simple flavours or if you haven’t tried/heard of mushrooms at KFC, this one’s a good opportunity to include in your international fast food experience list.

The next item – and my personal favorite – is the Cheesy Fries. Cheesy Fries is also a signature KFC side dish in Singapore. The chips aren’t as seasoned and thick as the ones in Australia, but they’re nice with the sauce combo, which is the hero. The Cheesy Fries comprises of chips/fries loaded with a cheese sauce and sour cream, and garnished with chopped spring onions on top. If you’re in Singapore, you should give this a go when you’re visiting KFC!


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