Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger Burger at KFC

As I was planning to visit KFC in Singapore, I scrolled through their website in search of their menu. When I ended up on their page, the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger burger instantly caught my eye. Fried food layered on one another isn’t exactly what I’d usually picture myself ordering for lunch, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Deep-fried, crispy molded mac and cheese patties instead of soft buns? I had to see that for myself.

After ordering and paying, my wait for the order was slightly longer than usual – due to the special Zinger item. As I was observing the other side of the counter, I saw a sleek black-coloured box with a splash of yellow and a dash of white on it. And when I got my hands on my order, I realized that the size of the aesthetically-cool box is pretty much the same as a regular Zinger burger’s.


Under the burger’s wrapper (luckily there’s a wrapper – it was so much easier to devour the burger without being messy!), the three golden deep-fried layers with a cheese mayo/sauce between them, turkey bacon and some lettuce became visible.

Here’s what I liked about the mac and cheese element:

  • Unique bun replacements – crispy deep fried mac and cheese with a breaded coat
  • Fried very well, and you can taste each of these layers
  • The macaroni in both mac and cheese layers are visible too!
  • Not overpowering or overwhelming – I could taste the Zinger chicken patty as well

I’m not always into the idea of having completely deep-fried meals, but this experience was unique to me and I’m glad that I tasted KFC’s new Zinger item. If you’d like to try a fusion of comfort and fast foods, this one’s certainly for you!


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