Chocolate Shortbread Cookies from Switzerland + Hello, December!

Happy December, dear friends! It’s officially the season of all things holly and jolly (cue “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”)!

This year’s first holiday treat is a box of chocolate shortbread cookies from Switzerland. Shortbread cookies always make their appearances in my snack stash at Christmastime, and this time I’m having a taste of chocolatey Swiss shortbread cookies named Chocofin.

I’ve seen these cookies throughout the year during my customary biscuit aisle browses in the shops. Even though they are available all the time, I could visualize them as a lovely munchie for my festive snack stash. I guess this is because of the red and white colors on the box (perhaps inspired by the Swiss flag), as they remind me of candy canes and Santa’s jolly suit. The color combination plus the cookies’ images had me thinking that it’s a treat that Santa would like to eat.

Upon adding this box to my haul a while back, I decided to open it when the festive season draws closer. As soon as the Christmas vibes arrived, I excitedly reached for the cookies to finally have a taste.

As always with my snack stash picks, I was intrigued with these cookies. While looking at the box, I began wondering, are there any cookies that resemble these ones in Switzerland for Christmas? To seek the answer, I stepped into my jingly sleuthing elf boots to enter the Swiss Christmas realm.

Christmas Cookies in Switzerland

Switzerland is undeniably one of the most magical countries to visit for the holidays: it is a winter wonderland with snowy cities and snow-capped mountains. From what I’ve seen in my virtual sleuthing, the beautiful sceneries are almost like the villages, trees and houses that sit inside Christmas snow globes! Indulging in cheese fondue and visiting Christmas markets are some highlights in Switzerland this time of the year, and so is tasting local Christmas cookies.

The closest I could get to these cookies are festive cookies named Spitzbuben, which share a similar aesthetic. Spitzbuben are jammy dodger-looking jam cookies that are cherished in the Swiss Christmas cookie realm. Essentially, they are sugar-coated buttery shortbread cookies filled with a radiant fruit jam in-between two cookie pieces (typically raspberry jam in my sleuthing) which peeks out in the center of the cookie. These cookies piqued my curiosity further about what my cookies would be like.

Season’s Greetings, Cookies!

While admiring the Chocofin cookies as soon as they were unveiled, my first thought was they look like cute cookie ornaments. I could imagine them sitting nicely on the branches of a mini Christmas tree, surrounded by pine cones and bauble balls! These cookies aren’t as large as regular sandwich cookies, rather, they are ‘all-in-one-bite’ kind of cookies.

14 cookies sit in the box, with a stack of 2 pieces in each section in the tray.

Also, I highly recommend storing the cookies in a cool temperature as the chocolate did melt a bit in the tropical climate. As the chocolate on the cookies on top (from the top cookie sandwich’s ‘base’) had melted while sitting on top of the cookie sandwiches that were placed beneath them, the two cookies sandwiches in every compartment were stuck together – resulting in 7 epic cookie stacks for me!

What one cookie sandwich looks like on its own!
2 pieces of the cookie sandwiches, straight from the tray

The cookies look like ordinary cookies at first. By having a closer look, I realized that they are a chocolate cookie confection that gives a nod to the sandwiched cookie concept. Also, they seem to be a re-imagined version of spitzbuben.

Taste Test

Instantly, the delicious Swiss chocolate welcomed my taste buds to the cookie experience. The decadent creamy chocolate center stands in the spotlight with its bold chocolate notes. The chocolate tastes like milk chocolate to my taste buds.

The shortbread cookies are pretty thin in comparison to the usual thick shortbread biscuits, but they have a nice crunch and a light snap. The chocolate cream complements them perfectly. The cookies’ texture matches the chocolate filling by being a lovely contrast to the smooth cream.

Together, the flavors are simple yet delicious, and they feel like home to cookie and milk chocolate fans like me.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed these cookies. They are a pleasant start to my Christmas foodie festivities!


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