BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Riverfire 2016 at Brisbane Square

Riverfire is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s largest events, as the city lights up with magnificent fireworks to mark the end of the Brisbane Festival. This year’s Riverfire was on Saturday, 24th September. It was expected that almost half a million spectators would have observed the fireworks in the city from areas including South Bank, Kangaroo Point and Brisbane Square.

Brisbane Square was a lovely and quieter space (compared to other spaces) to watch the fireworks, as most spectators flocked to The Victoria Bridge and South Bank Parklands to get up and close with the festivities. As the time got closer to 7pm, excitement filled the air as everyone eagerly prepared their cameras to capture the picturesque moments.

The Treasury Building
View of The Victoria Bridge and South Bank Parklands

Bright and spectacular colours sparkled in Brisbane’s night sky. It was a wonderful show for everyone. Spectators had different views from different locations too. Fireworks from the Brisbane River and the top of the Suncorp Building were seen from Brisbane Square.

Although the fireworks were aired live on TV, stepping out and experiencing it in real life was a truly special experience 🎇✨





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