McDonald’s Pandan Ice Cream in Singapore

Whenever I spot an interesting item on a fast food restaurant’s menu, I can’t help but to consider ordering it simply for the experience. As someone who loves ice cream (chocolate with peanut butter is THE BEST!), I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity of trying a new McDonald’s ice cream flavor. With an aroused curiosity and a craving for a sundae, I caved in and ordered my first uniquely-flavored McDonald’s ice cream in Singapore.

Recently, McDonald’s introduced its range of pandan ice creams at its dessert kiosks in Singapore. Pandan is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisines, and it’s especially fabulous in desserts – some people even refer to it as the vanilla of Southeast Asia. It originates from pandan leaves, and it is also known for its signature green color, hence the light green ice cream.

As a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae fan, I was eager to try the pandan version of chocolate sundae. The pandan ice cream is lightly aromatic on its own. It has a soft and subtle flavor, and it’s not overpowering – the chocolate sauce is stronger and sweeter compared to the pandan flavor in my opinion. The pandan ice cream without chocolate is the best option if you’d like to taste the flavor on its own. I enjoyed the chocolate one more, as I prefer a stronger chocolate flavor in the ice creams that I typically order.

I enjoyed the pandan ice creams at McDonald’s. It’s different from regular ice cream flavours at McDonald’s dessert kiosks, and it’s worth a try. The best part is that the plain pandan ice cream on a cone costs $1 (SGD) and the sundae is $2 (SGD)! They have other pandan ice cream options too, so be sure to check the menu when you visit.

It isn’t surprising that McDonald’s in Asia have included local delights in their ice cream menu. Some previous unique flavors that I’ve heard of in Singapore are Thai milk tea, durian (a truly Singaporean flavor – Singaporeans even bond over their shared love for the king of fruits!) and banana flavors, with the banana ice cream relating to the Minions franchise. And in true Minion fashion, the cone version is a swirly yellow ice cream on a bold blue cone. Apparently, sundaes in these flavors were available too!

Based on McDonald’s previous ice creams, I can’t wait to see what they introduce next!


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