BBQ Pork: Asian-Style at Northpoint City

While Johnson Duck is best known for its roasted duck (obviously!), it’s pork dishes are a hit too. From my observation, the char siew rice and noodle dishes are popular among customers.

Char siew is the Asian version of barbequed pork, with a Chinese-style marinade. I couldn’t wait to taste it as soon as I saw the dish in real life, however, a gastronomic journey is incomplete without customary foodie photos to capture the moment. While I was happily snapping my photos, I was thinking of how delicious the pork looked. Not to mention, the portion was good too!

The char siew was delicious on its own from the flavours of the marinade. The chilli sauce (warning: it’s spicy!) adds a kick to the char siew and rice combination. The sauce also reduces dryness from the meat. There is a clear soup that accompanies this dish at no additional cost – but as I don’t typically fancy soups, I opted out. Soups are common accompaniments with some Asian dishes – including the famed chicken rice. The dish also came with sides of cucumber slices and cooked peanuts.

If you’re travelling around Asia (or specifically Singapore/Malaysia), char siew is a must-try if you’re someone who loves having some pork on your fork. If you’re searching for a local experience, be sure to visit the food courts. Not only are food from these places less expensive, there’s also a variety of cuisines (Singaporean & Malaysian food primarily comprises of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences) and dishes to choose from under one roof.


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